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Work of Sovereignty: 13 Counties

Co-curated with Dr. Dayne Riley, in conjunction with the Work of Sovereignty Symposium at 101 Archer Gallery during my fellowship with the Oklahoma Center for Humanities. I curated the art with the theme of 13 Counties, while Dr. Dayne Riley curated the historical aspect.  This exhibition showcased art from 15 Indigenous artists from eight different Tribal Nations.  "13 Counties” is a collaborative art show between Native Artists.  The theme is based on the 13 counties named after Tribal Nations in Oklahoma.  Each participating artist will make a piece based on their experience in that county.  This may include more than just the 13 counties, and is open to cities and rivers named after tribes or tribal words.  “13 Counties” is meant to showcase the deep roots and ties to Native culture within Oklahoma.  With the recent attacks on Tribal Sovereignty, we want to show that Oklahoma has always been and will always remain Indian Territory."

Keepers of the Land at Sovereign Santa Fe

Keepers of the Land showcased at Sovereign Santa Fe with Farahnheight Fine Art during Indian Market in Santa Fe, 2023.  Curated by Carly Treece, with twelve artists from five different tribes artwork.  "Keepers of the Land is a collaborative exhibit featuring contemporary Native American artists from Oklahoma. This exhibit explores the rich and deep-rooted connection between Indigenous people and the lands we live upon. As the original inhabitants and caretakers of these lands, the artists offer their unique interpretations of what it means to be a keeper of the land. This exhibit incorporates the spiritual, physical and emotional connection the land between past, present and future generations.
Through a diverse range of mediums, the exhibit explores themes of Indigenous preservation and conservation, celebrating the ancestral heritage and responsibility that comes with being a keeper of the land. This exhibit highlights the profound relationship between the land and Indigenous people and invites viewers to join in the shared responsibility of preserving our world for the benefit of all. Keepers of the Land encompasses the beauty and power of Indigenous art and culture as we celebrate our connection to the earth and each other."

Survived By____

Survived By is a collaborative show presented by Four Mother’s Collective and organized/curated by Carly Treece and Jessie Haase at Positive

space Gallery in Tulsa, OK.  Survived By features all BIPOC Womxn and Two-Spirit Artists telling stories of survival through their own personal interpretations.  This show features over 15 artists of diverse artistic mediums.  Survived By includes a fashion show by Burning Wagon Designs, an Osage woman owned designer company located in Osage Nation, DJ Kylie will be providing music.  We will also feature a short film showcasing the story of MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman) and Choctaw Citizen, Emily Sue Zanne Morgan, as told by her mother Kim Merryman.  There has been no Justice. 

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