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Four Mother's Collective

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We are Four MothersCollective, a non profit formed by Indigenous womxn to provide resources to facilitate the voices and success of BIPOC women and Two Spirit artists!


Our purpose is to empower, heal and create community through all forms of art with our BIPOC sisters, girls and Two-Spirit relatives.


Our mission is to help BIPOC women, girls and Two-Spirit relatives have a safe place to create art, be inspired, make change, and overcome barriers in the art world.  We help provide space, creative supplies, classes and resources that will help facilitate their voice and success in the art world.

How can we serve you?

Support & preparation for art shows
Support & guidance with art
Connection with other artists
Group Art Shows
Cultural Connection through art

Distributors of Plan B and SAALT menstrual cups FREE of charge

Mvskoke Nation Reservation

Tel: 918-232-1890

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